Oh Allah, let us reach Ramadan || اللهمَّ بلِّغْنا رَمَضَان

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Maximizing on Laylat ul Qadr


Laylatul Qadr is more than 1000 months.

1hr = 120 months

1 minute = 2 months

1 second = 22 hours (more than a day)

Make even eating and sipping water for Allah

Pray congregational Isha and every Jama3a prayer thereafter with imam (equals whole night of qiyam)

Pray Isha and fajr at the mosque (equals whole night of qiyam)

Do qiyam all night !

(that’s 3 nights worth in 1 night times 1000 months !)

Make dua for the ummah to receive so much more reward than just for yourself.

Pass this on and make a days reward each time 1 person saves a second !!


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