Oh Allah, let us reach Ramadan || اللهمَّ بلِّغْنا رَمَضَان

By: Muslema Purmul

“And whoever volunteers good – then indeed, Allah is appreciative and Knowing.”

I was really inspired this Sha’baan because I found out that a wonderful Muslim couple I know took initiative in a beautiful way to raise money for the dire situation in Somalia. They had a fundraising dinner in their home which they invited their acquaintances to. Fifteen people came masha Allah. They cooked for the group themselves and sold each dinner plate for £ 20.00, and they also had an auction. One of the touching things the wife had mentioned was that they couldn’t keep hearing about the situation on the news and wait for somebody else to do something. They had planned on attending and helping with the larger community fundraising dinners if and when they occurred, but they felt they could do more in the meantime rather than simply waiting. In fact, she had discussed this in her halaqah and every sister was supposed to host a small fundraising in their home too! Imagine if 6 couples each were able to host 15 people, over a hundred people would be included in a single effort to raise funds and awareness for an important cause, without making a single flyer! This particular couple raised £420 on the day and a couple of hundred since masha Allah!

With so many organizations serving the community, sometimes Muslims have become lax on themselves, forgetting that in their own personal lives there are so many opportunities to volunteer good, to initiate, and give back. It’s very important to be involved in the community teamwork through Islamic organizations, but that does not give us a license to stop there. Every day there are opportunities to plant a seed of goodness wherever we are, in our families, with our neighbors, and yes even on the internet. A sad situation is watching parents in the community unsure of what to do with their kids, yet taking real initiative with them, never crosses their minds. Parents want to lecture and talk, and drop their kids off at programs and that’s all they think they can offer in terms of guidance. Taking creative initiative to actually DO something with their family themselves never crosses their minds! Why not have a Qiyam program in the house in Ramadan and have different members prepare the talks, the suhur, and the activities for example? There are many creative ideas we can come up with that fit our various circumstances if we are willing to invest ourselves in actually taking initiative.

We cannot simply be consumers of other people’s efforts in the community, only attending functions after they are organized. “Liking” articles only, after they have been written. Praising others for their efforts only, like a cheer-leading squad thinking their job is done by simply screaming ‘hooray!’ on the side-lines instead of rolling up our own sleeves and realizing that we too are on the playing field. We too, are part of TEAM ISLAM. Let us never forget that Allah (swt) has always given us some control over our own choices, while the consequences and results are with Him.

If we look at the multitude of ahadith from the Prophet (saw), we see that no act of goodness is belittled in Islam. It always has significance and value with Allah (swt) and He is al-Shakur! Repeatedly in life, we see how when a small tiny effort is put forth, even a smile or giving half a date in charity, with the right intention– Allah (swt) makes that act significant, weighty, and sometimes we are fortunate enough to see in this life some of His blessings in the results!

The 30 day Ramadan Countdown 2011 has brought advice each day hoping to bring everyone important reminders. Let’s take the tip of the day and start with inviting you the reader– to move from being a consumer to a contributor– and leave behind your own important advice for Ramadan  in the comments section to all your brothers and sisters reading on the internet. Volunteer some good, and realize that Allah (swt) appreciates your good like no one else can, and He knows it intimately even better than you know it.


Comments on: "Day 2: Taking Initiative to Give Back" (8)

  1. Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya said about fasting:
    “It is the rein of the God-fearing, the shield of the spiritual warriors, and the training ground of the righteous and those who draw close to God. It is for the Lord of the Universe alone. The fasting person does not do any particular action, but rather he leaves his desires, his food, and his drink for the sake of the One he worships. So it is an act of leaving the desires and pleasures of the self, in order to gain the love and pleasure of God. It is a secret between the worshipper and his Lord, nobody can see it other than Him. People may see that she is not eating or drinking but as for her leaving her food and drink for the sake of her Lord, then that is something the reality of which cannot be recognized by other than God, and it is the secret and true essence of fasting.

    Fasting also has an amazing effect on the guarding of the outer limbs and the internal powers. It protects them from the corrupting forces that can take over and soil their soundness. Fasting guards for the heart and the limbs their spiritual health and returns to them what is stolen from them by one’s base desires. It is the greatest aid in the acquisition of God-consciouness, as God said, ‘O you who believe! Fasting has been prescribed upon you as it was prescribed upon those before you, so that you may attain God-consciousness.’”

    Read this every day or two and think about it as you go through Ramadan…

  2. Be like the tree, when someone throws stones at it, it drops nourishing fruits in return.

  3. In the objectives of shariah, there is a chapter about the intention behind legislation, tying that with the intention of the slave of Allah.

    The highest level is when a slaves intention is in line with the intention (objective) behind the legislation. For example, to intend to fast because fasting has the objective of safeguarding religion – because Allah says: “so that you may attain piety” – is much better than just fasting because it is compulsory.

    And in both there is good.

    So above the fasting of the tongue from food and vain talk, there is the fasting of the limbs from that which displeases Allah (from affliction to prohibited desires) AND there’s the fasting of the heart.

    To fast with one’s heart is to remember Allah for as long as possible, to fast from dunya. The reward for this is immense and it can be done at work or in any situation.

    Finally, the reward for fasting ONE DAY in Ramadan exceeds the reward of fasting everyday of your life – so feed someone else when they are breaking their fast… you’ll get another batch of ‘more than fasting everyday for life’.


  4. For me the most important tip for Ramadan is to have a plan of what you wanna do. Set yourself goals and keep a list so that you can check if you’ve done your daily reading section of quran or your sunnah prayers and son on. Cuz Ramadan like every other month just flies by and unfortunately we tend to realize that fact at the end or the middle of the month and at that point it’s really hard to get urself organized again. So Prepare and plan thats the best advice for me, cuz otherwise we lose so much of this blessed time. Jazakullah Kheiran for the post it was really inspirin 🙂

  5. Mohammad Wasim Ghori said:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    It’s only a few days away…the thought of Ramadan being around the corner gets us all super excited!

    In this message, I just want to remind ourselves of the importance of taking the time to make extraordinary duas, because nothing is too big for Allah (swt). I used to recycle and repeat the same 2-line dua that I was saying when I was 10 years old.

    Did you know that there is a specific time of EVERY DAY in Ramadan in which it’s guaranteed that your dua will be accepted by Allah (swt)? Amazing isn’t it! Take a moment and write your list now, lets make sure our duas are outstanding this year!

    Let us make this the Best Ramadan EVER! Please keep me in your duas.

    Jazaakh’Allah Khairan.

    With very best wishes,

    Mohammad Wasim Ghori

  6. May the One whom you love (s.w.t) bless you with the honour of witnessing and welcoming the arrival of the beloved month of Ramadaan, the companion of our hearts, for which we have yearned for, longed for, and waited for; counting down every day, every hour, every minute, and every second left until its blessed arrival, aameen.

    For how many have not been or will not be blessed with seeing another Ramadaan? We fail to remember, and if we remember, we do not realise in our hearts, the fact that we have no garantee that we shall live to see another moment of life in this dunya, when our Lord shall take our soul at it’s appointed time, and that such a time could occur at any given moment.

    So make the most of every single moment of this blessed month, and every moment left in which to prepare for it; do not let there pass a single moment in which you are not engaged in a praiseworthy action! Praiseworthy and weighty and beloved in the sight of your Beloved Lord (s.w.t), and done for His sake and pleasure alone and with ihsaan, excellence, and not for the sake of the people, for why aim to please the creation in favour of the Creator, when it is for Him to give and for Him to withhold, and there is no power and no might except with Allah (s.w.t)?

    Re-connect with the Qur’aan… Have khushoo in your salaah… And make this Ramadaan, by the will of your Lord most High (s.w.t) and His permission, the most outstanding Ramadaan of your lifetime so far, and in the lives of all those you touch.

    Please remember me in your duaas.

  7. No time better than Ramadan to plant the seeds for good habits and rid oneself of bad habits, so make a list of what you want to avoid and what you want to achieve!

  8. Ramadan is only half an hour away! Start it with dua–asking Allah to purify your intention, place barakah in your time and deeds this month, fill your heart and tongue with His remembrance, and guide you to the best of words and deeds.

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